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You've just come across the profile of a software engineer and technical writer. You can find below a few of my works, articles and come to know a bit about me.

Hi, I am Edozie 👋

I am a frontend web developer with an eye for design currently interning with Genesys on the Learnable Internship porgram. I am currently based in Lagos. I graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where I obtained a degree in Food Science and Technology. I am a sports and film enthusiast and I also love to listen to music.

Technologies 👨‍💻

I started learning web development in 2020 after graduation so far, I have been able to learn to work with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I am currently learning about Algorithms and Data Structures and how to use React and Firebase. I am also quite conversant with the Figma tool and using CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS.

Where do I see myself in the coming years 🚀

In the next five years, I see myself being a world-class developer who has built and contributed to awesome projects with a global reach. I also see myself help in growing a tech community and being a mentor and an inspiration to many.


BMI Calculator

This is a web app that calcaulates the BMI of users by using their weight and height.

Booklist App

This is a web app that puts together a list of books.

Drum Kit Website

A website that mimics the sound of some percussion instrument


A website that arranges a four cards in a grid system when you adjust the page's width.

Pig Game

A website that simulates the pig game between two people.

Google Clone Page

A website that is a clone of the Google Search Page

Social Media Dashboard

A static website created as a dashboard displaying metrics from one's socials.

Theme Calculator

A webapp calculator that is able to toggle acros three themes.

Todolist App

A webapp created to function as a todolist, for handling tasks.


Would you love to work with me or simply just want to be friends?

Then you can reach me on any of the platforms below.

Mobile Phone Number

+234 902 718 5409



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